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My Experience in the Fort Lauderdale Airport

No, I wasn't in the Fort Lauderdale airport on the morning of January, 6 when a young man opened fire in the baggage claim area killing 5 people.   However, I was in the airport a little over a month before that time.  I remember the experience vividly.  I recall the area we were in feeling old and outdated.  I remember how little signage there was to guide us to rental car bus.  

As we finally figured out the situation with the bus, I remember saying to my wife, "this feels like an airport in a third world country."  As a frequent traveler who has been in around 60 different airports over the last 5 years, that was the not so brilliant comment  I remember making during my short time in the Fort Lauderdale airport.  

Several days after the shooting, I began to piece the experience together in my mind and I began to feel the gentle, but oh so powerful conviction of the Spirit within, as I meditated on my few moments in the airport.  "I was there, and all I did was talk about how bad the airport was."  "I don't remember even speaking one word of blessing or even a one sentence prayer for the airport or the city."  There was not an ounce of condemnation, accusation or guilt in these thoughts, but an ever so clear awareness that I am called for something better, something higher, something heavenly.  

The thoughts flooded through my mind,  "What if I had even just said, "Bless this airport, Lord."?"  "Bless this city, bless this airport for upgrade.  Protect it, prosper it and establish the atmosphere of heaven in this place."  "What if?"

In the past, I have seen the tremendous power even the smallest prayers or spoken blessings carry.  God has given us the power to see individuals, cities, and nations changed.  A one word blessing in Jesus' name can release tidal waves of heaven's transformational power.   

One day I was driving through a fast food restaurant in my city.  It was taking a long time to get my order and I could tell things were not going well for the restaurant.  So, I simply said, "help them, Lord!"

Several weeks later, I returned to the restaurant and things were going amazingly well.  They were waiting on me like it was a much fancier restaurant!  As all of this was going on, I said, "Lord, what happened?"  Immediately, He reminded me of my prayer several weeks earlier when the restaurant was struggling.  "Help them, Lord."  What if I had even prayed that prayer during my moments in the Fort Lauderdale airport?

What if?  What if when I complain I'm immediately convicted to shift out of complain mode and into prayer mode?

What if in 2017 I convert every possible complaint into a prayer or a blessing?  What if every believer made this shift in 2017?  

What if we didn't complain about our government in 2017, but began to pray and bless instead?  

What if we became great non-complainers and awesome blessers?  

That is what I learned from my experience in the Fort Lauderdale airport.

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Vanda Kubota

Just happened upon this and felt Gods encouragement to bless rather than speak negative comments. I am weary of hearing and seeing so much absolutely awfulnegative about our transition election process. Thank you for reminding us our blessings work wonders in changing things. Vanda in Mansfield.

last year
Debi Shannon

Steve, thank you for your insight and tremendous reminder of this powerful truth! This is definitely a timely strategy in praying for our country now more than ever. I needed it personally as well! God is good! Thank you!!

last year
Joy Kraakevik

This is SO GOOD, Steve. Thank you so much for the reminder...always bless. BLESSINGS to YOU, always. 😊

last year

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