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My Experience in the Fort Lauderdale Airport

No, I wasn't in the Fort Lauderdale airport on the morning of January, 6 when a young man opened fire in the baggage claim area killing 5 people. However, I was in the airport a little over a month before that time. I remember the experience vividly. I recall the area we were in feeling old and outdated. I remember how little signage there was to guide us to rental car bus...

Are you ready for heavenly interruptions?

Recently, the Lord laid these things on my heart: "We are entering into a season of divine interruption. Heaven is going to be violently breaking forth and many Kingdom opportunities are about to spring forth. Just as there have been interruptions from hell, Heaven is about to interrupt the earth. God is giving us a new sensitivity to be aware of the love explosions that are breaking forth...

Why I Pray in Tongues

As the man went around the room, he laid hands on my first roommate. And my first roommate began to speak in tongues. Then, the man laid hands on my second roommate. He began to speak in tongues. Now, there was only one roommate in the room left to pray for - me! I was a first year university student and God was doing many new and exciting things in my life. However, I had heard so many negative things about speaking in tongues. I had even heard that it was from the devil. I certainly did not want to give the devil any place in my life. I had recently begun to study the topic in scripture and had discovered that the Bible was actually very positive about the benefits of this gift in prayer...

What I saw in Church today

I saw my beautiful 92 year old friend, with three other friends..all heroes, in the prayer room praying before anyone else got there. I saw my purple & blue hair teenage friends already up front waiting for worship to start. I scooped up one of my favorite toddlers as his chubby little hand shot up in worship at the first sound of music, and his chubby little legs danced wildly. I saw brave, beautiful women who are now free from abusive relationships, some narrowly escaped death. I saw young children worshipping unprompted…